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Independent Consultants
CoRoS Consulting. Unique expertise in one of the fastest growing IT segments. The complete portfolio of Document Management, Imaging and Data Archiving solutions. CoRoS - We optimise processes. We manage information. Automatically. To ensure your success in the Internet age. An unbiased advisor and systems integrator provides you with the right advise and solutions with your best interest in mind ....<more>

There is no substitute for experience

Product Data Management
Integrated product data management creates breathing space.  With integrated product data management of your products, you relieve your employees permanently from administrative tasks .....<more>

Product Lifecycle Management
In recent years, many companies have concentrated on the implementation of integrated IT solutions in business areas and order processing. However, the integration of .....<more>

Knowledge Management
In these times of increasing competition, technological advances and business model innovations, companies must adapt quickly to remain competitive. ....<more>

Change and Configuration Management
"Necessary evil" offers optimisation potential
Experience shows that product changes often have overly long run times. Up to 40% of the capacities for development a ....<more>

Document Management
Compared to the automation of business processes achieved in goods manufacturing and logistics, automation of information and communication is manual work .....<more>

Records Management
Can document business processes and manage electronic files. The innovative solution focuses on customer-specific processes. The service provider framework plays a prominent role in the system architecture. The name of SAP Records Management indicates .....<more>

We make Archiving Work
Archiving application data in SAP R/3 can significantly reduce the volume and growth rate of information stored in the R/3 database. It has the potential to improve performance, simplify administration, and lower operating costs of an R/3 system. 

Turnkey archiving solutions for your R/3 system.
Working with separate partners for consulting services, hardware, software licenses, training, etc. slows you down and adds unnecessary complexity to your archiving projects. CoRoS can provide you with a turnkey solution, individually designed for your requirements. 

In a large relational database, nearly every record must be “looked at” before even the simplest report can be produced. If many of the records being processed are for old, completed ....<more>

So specialised...that is why we are so good.
Focusing on this niche has allowed us to gain specific knowledge that we pass on to our customers. This niche focus is not found in any competitor. It allows us to be the best at what we do.

Our Partners
Although we are independent consultants, we have working relationships with leading industry software companies like PBS Software, IXOS Software, Documentum and HP to leverage the synergy effect of leadership in archiving and imaging solutions for SAP customers.






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