Document Management

Compared to the automation of business processes achieved in goods manufacturing and logistics, automation of information and communication is manual work in many companies. The inadequate connection of corporate information to new e-business processes particularly shows up deficits in information management. Yet, all company knowledge, whether it is in structured, unstructured, machine-readable or paper form, should be suitable for media-independent integration into the business processes.

Using SAP Document management you can rationalise your information flow in such a way that paper documents in companies are no longer copied up to five times on average, and covered with comments. Employees no longer spend between 4 and 6 weeks per year searching for documents and it is no longer necessary to invest 20 % of personel costs in finding documents. In order to create your individual communication solution we use both SAP technology and solution modules from outside of the  SAP world. We couple our systems with SAP and other ERP systems to form an ideal customer solution.

  • Electronic archiving

  • Workflow and document management systems

  • Workgroup solutions based on Lotus Notes and MS Exchange

  • Workflow technologies

  • Basic products for knowledge management and Intranet solutions