CoRoS's Team

Thank you very much for your interest in CoRoS. We are pleased to introduce you to our company, ideas, services and our team.

Are you looking for a competent partner who guides you through all phases of your IT project? Then you found it, right here.

As your technology partner, CoRoS offers you individual attention with our own solutions and high standard services for an optimal accomplishment of your IT projects.

Our intention is to accomplish projects in the most economic way. We think that every technology is only profitable if it assists you in obtaining your strategic and operative intentions.

With our customer focused concept we were able to gain clients from all over the world. Our success is based on technical know how, flexibility, mobility and the ability to understand cultural differences.

No matter where in the world - our teams, consisting of experienced management and IT consultants, assist you personally in order to accomplish your IT project most efficiently. Our customers emphasise this. Go and see yourself!


CoRoS Consulting is privately owned, based in South Africa, established in 2003 and specialising in SAP R/3 Data Archiving and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. CoRoS, together with its many partners, increases the value of a customer's SAP investment by activating SAP's PLM and archiving capabilities, including all aspects of records, document and knowledge management, data archiving, Imaging, CAD integration, configuration management, change control, and lifecycle collaboration.

Mission Statement

CoRoS is dedicated to increasing the value of its customers' SAP R/3 investment through the provision of specialised PLM and Archiving Services.

Founded in 2003, our specialty is providing the resources to effectively implement and integrate your systems for success in Documents Management, Imaging and Archiving.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Business Process Optimization

  • SAP Implementation and Integration

  • Data/Document/Image Management and Integration

Providing a comprehensive range of solutions, CoRoS is one of the most versatile consulting companies available, servicing the public and private sector.

Our personalised approach allows our highly skilled consultants to maximize their talents servicing your  needs. Our ability to recognise clients' requirements and provide the services that ensure satisfaction is a combination that we are proud to present to you.

CoRoS is dedicated to providing superior cost effective solutions to business organisations. We achieve this by combining the business and technical expertise of our employees with the most appropriate and current technology.

Many of our employees have worked in industry for over 10 years and therefore fully understand the requirements of business organisations and their desire to implement timely cost effective solution. We are committed to w hat we do and work hard to keep our customers satisfied.

We invite you to review our services and contact us if you require any additional information.