Data Archiving

Data Archiving 

The development of an individual archiving concept should ideally be part of the SAP R/3 implementation project because, once the SAP R/3 system goes live, the data volume will increase very quickly.  Increasing data volume also means longer system response time, longer data saving time and longer reorganisation runs within the data bank.  Short-term help is possible through expansion of the hardware. A long-term solution could only be a data archiving concept. Data will be stored outside the data bank, but not out of the application. That means the user has access to all archived data through the R/3 system. 

Access Possibilities:

  • Single Document Access
  • Through single document access, archived data is quickly accessible through known transactions
  • ABAP/4 Reporting
  • ABAP/4 reports can be developed for viewing and evaluation of archived data
  • Search within Archived Print Lists
  • Print lists i.e. can include the entire document flow, including hyperlinks to archived documents
  • R/3 Archive Information System (R/3 AS)
  • R/3 AS enables individuals adapted access to archived data.
  • R/3 Document Relationship Browser(R/3 DRB)
  • R/3 DRB enables individuals adapted access to archived data and online data..

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Data and Document Archiving

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Document Archiving with SAP R/3

Companies often have to manage a continuous growth of documents due to the progressive growth of the Internet and intranet, and the increasing number of net users such as employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

Business documents such as e-mail, fax, text and spread sheet documents, CAD drawings, graphics, pictures, web sites, as well as video and audio clips are not typically drawn, changed, delivered or saved within the R/3 system. All leading business document systems for SAP installations integrate those documents to the R/3 business operations.

Benefit of Archiving Documents for your Company

  • Increase of productivity through quick access to business documents
  • Integration of all business documents to the R/3 business processes increases the ROI of the existing R/3 system
  • Different users have simultaneous, worldwide access to the same business document
  • Electronic annotation
  • Secure saving of all business documents on optical media

CoRoS's Strength - Individual Adapted Solutions

CoRoS consultants have the know-how and the experience to optimise the archiving solution to the potential in order to improve the efficiency of the document archiving to the maximum:

  • In cooperation with our customers, we determine the most efficient scenarios for the individual business data archiving.
  • Through links of business documents to SAP business workflow, it is possible to remove unproductive media breaks and to automate all business processes.
  • Documents that are not directly linked to the R/3 system can be archived and administered with the SAP document management system (SAP DMS). 

CoRoS also offers individual archiving concepts for SAP data archiving. Our unique methodology for data archiving guaranties a standardised and customer oriented accelerated project completion.


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