Knowledge Management

In these times of increasing competition, technological advances and business model innovations, companies must adapt quickly to remain competitive. An organisation's intellectual capital -- knowledge that employees have gained from their experience -- is one of the most valuable assets that helps a company maintain a competitive edge. But this knowledge must be constantly made available across organisational boundaries; the right information, to the right people at the right time. Investing in a knowledge management (KM) program is arguably the best way an organisation can leverage its intellectual capital and position itself as a market leader. CoRoS Consulting understands this because our consultants have been involved in KM for more than 8 years. Building on our own experience, we'll help you to create a customised, effective knowledge solution for your organisation

Organisations worldwide look to enhance the ways in which information is shared and decisions are made across their businesses. Employees are finding answers within seconds and minutes, rather than hours and days. Management is disseminating information instantaneously to employees via portal-like news modules. Instant messages and discussions are sparking ideas, breaking down communication barriers and fostering collaboration.

Imagine a workplace where colleagues at opposite ends of the world collaborate in real-time to share files and ideas; where information is always a single click away, and managers can access customer and employee data from virtually anywhere.

One of the fastest trends among organisations today is the adoption of knowledge management, employee collaboration and information dissemination tools.

At CoRoS Consulting, we have developed a culture of documenting and sharing knowledge for mutual benefit among the employees