SAP R/3 Data Archiving Implementation Package

Why Data Archiving?

What are the Challenges?
How can CoRoS
help you?
What do we deliver?

Archiving application data in SAP R/3 can significantly reduce the volume and growth rate of information that is stored in the R/3 database. It has the potential to improve performance, simplify administration, and lower the operating cost of your R/3 system.
However, many companies find that implementing Data Archiving functionality in SAP R/3 is a complex task. It requires specific technical and functional knowledge, as well as solid project management skills to perform an efficient and successful implementation project. 
Challenges that are typically met during archiving projects:
  • How to make sure that all side effects, that archiving data in one module has on other areas are captured?
  • What is the best approach to coordinate the necessary resources from different teams?
  • How to make sure that all business processes can efficiently access the required information?

CoRoS can solve these problems for you. We provide you with the right combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge, and project management skills for your data archiving project. Our implementation methodology ensures that your project is completed on time and on budget.

  • Implementation according to your companies record retention policy
  • Customizing and configuration of R/3 archiving objects
  • Identification and application of necessary OSS Notes
  • Archive Link configuration
  • Integration of optical archive systems and 3rd party archiving tools
  • Identification of custom and standard reports affected by data archiving
  • Migration of existing reports to access archived information
  • Configuration of the SAP Archive Information system and data 
    relationship browser
  • Creation of archiving procedures for maximum security and reliability
  • Definition of authorization profiles
  • Developing test plans and performing integration tests
  • Documentation of configuration, archiving and retrieval procedures
  • User training
  • Go-Live support
  • Problem troubleshooting

CoRoS has successfully implemented data archiving in all modules available for SAP customers in various industries. We have extensive archiving experience with all SAP R/3 release levels. Our partnerships with leading vendors of optical storage systems and archiving add-on tools help us to find the best possible solution for your data archiving problems.

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