SAP R/3 Database Analysis for Data Archiving

Your Situation:

The Problem:
Our Solution:
You are live with SAP for a number of years and your SAP database is constantly growing. Apart from high expenses for data storage, the database volume results in long runtimes for backup jobs and leads to performance degradation in modules with high data volume. You consider implementing SAP Data Archiving to address these issues. 

There are many different archiving objects available in SAP and it is not clear how much data can be archived with each of these objects. There are no tools available to determine how the data in you SAP system is distributed across time periods and functional areas. To efficiently plan your Data Archiving implementation, you need to know:
  • Which modules are most important for archiving?
  • How much data volume was created in each SAP module in each year?
  • How much of this data can be archived in each module?
  •  What are the dependencies between these modules?
  • Which archiving objects have to be used?
  • In which sequence should these objects be implemented?

The CoRoS Database Analysis for Data Archiving answers these questions for you. 

The Database Analysis package is an affordable fixed price solution which includes:

  • Analysis of your SAP R/3 database with standard SAP and custom developed tools.
  • Determination of the data distribution in you system.
  • Analysis of data dependencies.
  • Identification of efficient archiving objects.

You will receive a comprehensive report, outlining the results of the database analysis. It shows you detailed information on data distribution and data dependencies in your R/3 system. The report lists the most efficient archiving objects for your environment and provides you with all the technical information you need to get your Data Archiving project started.

CoRoS has successfully implemented data archiving in all modules available for SAP customers in various industries. We have extensive archiving experience with all SAP R/3 release levels. Our partnerships with leading vendors of optical storage systems and archiving add-on tools help us to find the best possible solution for your data archiving problems.

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